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Уважаемый посетитель, для того, чтобы скачать Riveryman - Views, Fears & Stories 2018 бесплатно, Вам. Тим Бе́рглинг (англ. Tim Bergling; 8 сентября 1989, Стокгольм — 20 апреля 2018, Маскат, Оман), наиболее известный под сценическим именем Ави́чи (англ. Концерты композитора Игоря Хабарова. Екатеринбург, Петербург - сольно. Ростов, Краснодар - совместно с ансамблем Cicada (Тайвань). Pet Shop Boys — британский синтипоп-дуэт, образованный в 1981 году в Лондоне. Pet Shop Boys (переводится как «Парни из зоомагазина») является одним из самых коммерчески успешных и плодотворных. Growing up my father used to tell me how the entirety of the discography of Yes has an underlying story behind it. How the evil, and good in man has always been at war, and even if you take all the good people to a new world that inherit evil will always be there. I would like to read a deeper interpretation of the discography. To my knowledge and more apparently the story branches on these albums: The Yes Album Fragile Closer to the Edge Tales From Topographic Oceans Relayer The Ladder. Rutor1.org - это новое зеркало руторг в 2018 году, это открытый торрент трекер для свободного обмена файлами и интересными материалами в электронном виде, как бывший rutor.org. Обменивайтесь. Hey /r/Vancouver, Perdin Questianto here, /r/Vancouver’s askiest subredditor here and it’s time for another question thread (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoQZg2Sgedc). You may not know, but April 21st is Record Store ( For music lovers and collectors Record Store day is a unique opportunity to purchase limited edition pressings of records for Record Store day, or taking part of sales stores may have. This year we have stores such as Audiopile Файлы для обмена предоставлены пользователями сайта. Администрация не несёт ответственности за их содержание. rutor.org закрыли, rutor заблокирован, rutor org не работает, rutor переехал и другие панические новости запаланили рунет. Like the title says, what albums do you believe have the best overall production? Not what songs or subjects are the best, but what sets the standard sonically. For me its Fireworks-Gospel. Vocals are mixed perfectly, the tone of the guitars are clear as day on every track, the bass punches, and the mix of the thumpy kick drum and bright cymbals just gives it that warm, full sound. Внимание! Роскомнадзор всбесился! Добавь зеркала new-rutor.org и xrutor.org в закладки, когда один заблокирован другой работает. PHM: im REALLY horny Broken: im REALLY ANGRY TDS: I hate myself and the world TF: kinda wanna die guys Still: guys I really wanna die WT: GUYS I DIDN'T DIE YZ: bush sucks lol Ghosts: what if I release two hours of nothing TS: what if I let my band pretend they're in the band HM: what if I were still on drugs NTAE: what if I were still on drugs but angry about it AV: im afraid of the whole god damned world BW: we're all fucking stupid aaaaaaaaa. Alvin Row is about Alvin Row (Avey Tare) and how he learns to come to terms with growing up but knowing that the child in you never really dies. On this song, Panda Bear only shows up to play drums. However, as the band continued, new members Deakin and Geologist joined, and Panda Bear began to be featured more prominently, especially after releasing some influential solo material, like Person Pitch. But Avey Tare’s influence never leaves the band. His childlike spirit influences Panda Bear. Hello and welcome to the official Monday music thread! Post about music you've been enjoying recently (besides twenty one pilots) and tell us a little bit about why you like it. --- This is an automated post. Please contact the moderators if there is an issue with it. Thanks. Here is the video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmffZizqMYo) Xanthochroid is a band I've been following for almost 6 years now, and they're one of my favorites. They describe themselves as "cinematic black metal," since they not only incorporate symphonic instrumentation and arrangements into their music, but do so in such a way that tells a story, as though they were scoring a film or a musical. You'll notice leitmotifs being used across songs and even across albums. As a music theory. The musical "Mamma Mia" is a musical based on the songs of ABBA. I was wondering what artist's songs could we turn into a musical? What would the playlists? What would be the plotline? ###Let's get creative. This isn't a troll post or nothing like that, I had a honest conversation with a friend of mine and thought since posts have been slower lately, lets discuss this. With the release of Everybody and it's time out in the wild, we decided to discuss how Ultra 85 could possibly either help or ruins Logics discography and here are some points we discussed. - Everybody became a marketable sucess but at the cost of shifting away from what his fan base developed from (Young Sinatra/UP). Also clever. I was thinking in class about how one Arcade Fire is connected to the other, and, before I knew it, I had come up with this complex venn diagram. I'm going to break down the comparisons I found below: Funeral and Neon Bible: More extroverted, atmospheric production The first two albums (and the EP, for that matter) had a more distanced effect to it, particularly for its rock sensibilities. The low budget aesthetic of Funeral gave it this feel, and the fact that they recorded Neon Bible. What are your recommendations for concept albums that tell relatively deep, complex stories? Please keep spoilers to a minimum. Thanks. Just curious. I've been listening to a lot of He Is Legend lately, and been pretty impressed with the band's ability to tell the story of a serial killer known as "The Gardener" over the span of their career. Any other bands that tell stories in such a way, spanning over multiple songs or albums? Obviously, some bands have concept albums that tell a story, but I guess I'm asking for a more loosely-associated storytelling format (such as Metallica writing "The Unforgiven" over multiple years/al. May have this remembered wrong but i remember seeing a post about a band that put out an album about a ww2 soldier and his experiences or something of the sort. I cant remember if it was metalcore or not but i remember it was some type of non pop genre. I remember reading the comment and thinking that was interesting and i should check it out. However it’s been a few years since and it just suddenly I've re-listened to a lot of Kanye's discography and I feel like his entire career is like one long concept album. The story of a man who wants nothing more in life than fame and prestige, but after 808s, he absolutely crashes. College Dropout and Late Registration is essentially the "rise" of the story, Graduation is him at the top, 808s is the "fall", and the rest is his road to recovery, as he can never be as happy as he once was. College Dropout is where Kanye speaks to us about